Sunday Scraps #56

The architecture of Tony Garnier in Lyon /  PoliceSpeak is a cross border technical language developed for the Channel Tunnel / the impact of the book The Population Bomb by Paul and Anne Ehrlich / the amazing work of drummer Chico Hamilton / the anti-racist design justice index / might need to go up to… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #56

Sunday Scraps #55

  The negative photography of Paul Cupido / very nice repaired shirts / ceramic sculptures of food / on being lonely à deux / i’d buy anyone a very nice dinner at Claridge’s if they can tell me what happened to the author of this most delicious blog / I found out about the pay… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #55

Sunday Scraps #54

The end of Tegel airport / looking forward to watching The Truffle Hunters / a doco about Escher that’s come out / Container magazine has a call for submissions / i popped into a fine art UAL graduate show at the South London Gallery and really loved the work of Sayan , Melitta , Joao,… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #54

Sunday Scraps #53

The swimmers of Parson’s Pleasure / it’s surprising how much good journalism about food is happening in London at the same time as supermarkets struggle to stock shelves / the CCA’s fellowship program in Montréal looks nice / on soil / Omni magazine’s view of the 21st century from 1984 / a podcast about food… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #53

Sunday Scraps #52

A call for submission on critical approaches to design education / UK energy bills are increasing in October / Jane Fonda on the I-Weigh podcast / the story of Vampira, a 1940s actress who became a punk icon later on / call for submission for solarpunk storytelling / the wonderful work of Virginia Hanusik /… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #52

Sunday Scraps #51

The amazing man who gives free haircuts to the homeless / I should visit Monte Verità some day / one of Murray Bookchin‘s last interviews / picked up a couple of earrings from Stacey Jayne when I was in Margate the other week / Dream Story (1926) which Eyes Wide Shut is based on /… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #51

Sunday Scraps #50

In a hypothetical future where I cycle around Japan this is a good place to start / on freedom and propaganda / a friend told me about a ‘prepared piano‘ artist /  the skip gallery / i’m trying not to buy pockets for my books / I should really read some Zweig / some thoughts… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #50

Sunday Scraps #49

  The racism of offshore call centres / the hell hole of Tik Tok houses in L.A. / on the problem of carbon rationing / we used to kiss bread before throwing it away when I was a kid / Discard studies which is about trash / how to wild a container / Ita O’Brien’s… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #49