Sunday Scraps #66

The Thames barrier

Things aren’t alright in the world so my reading reflects that. Sorry. The six mistakes of man by Cicero is on point / Mr Bean’s house/bunker for cars / the 18thC communes of the Icarians / the Belisha beacon is awesome but most of the cars in my neck of the woods ignore them and I recently almost got run over / why modern agriculture doesn’t mean more nutrients / Dickens hated this realistic painting of Christ / whenever I want to cheer myself up, I watch some Royal Family choreography / how The Jetson’s influenced architecture / Afrofuturistic jazz pioneer Sun Ra on nuclear war / a game to guess a country based on the shape only / really annoyed I missed this exhibition on Xerography / the first African American woman to direct a film with a major US release was Julie Dash in 1991 (!!!) / the stamps of National Productivity Year in 1962 /  Marion Mahony Griffin who drew all the beautiful Prairie School watercolours / a film about Benton End / the beginning of salons / the Keith Cunningham show is really good and his life story really interesting  / the Stanley Mouse designed cover of the Ted Lucas album .

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