Sunday Scraps #66

Things aren’t alright in the world so my reading reflects that. Sorry. The six mistakes of man by Cicero is on point / Mr Bean’s house/bunker for cars / the 18thC communes of the Icarians / the Belisha beacon is awesome but most of the cars in my neck of the woods ignore them and… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #66

End of year Review

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Molly Steenson for initiating this habit. 1. What did you do in 2021 that you’d never done before? Prioritised my finances over how interesting or aligned my work was. 2. Did you keep your New Years’ resolutions, and will you make more for next year? We were in the middle of a… Continue reading End of year Review

Sunday Scraps #41

The subversive art of Colette Justine / the stamps (or Haupstrom) of Joseph Beuys / Seed crystal / the feminisation of chocolate / How to Map Nothing or what we choose not to map /  A podcast about the problems of power in Bristol’s food culture

Sunday Scraps #36

William Lethaby, founder of the Central School of Art and Design, wrote a book on architecture and mysticism in the late 1800s / the impact of Womanhouse and a film about it / a new book on neo liberalism and logistics Assembly Codes / a friend told me I should read The Sun Also Rises… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #36

Alone together: the past 20 years of remote connections

The pandemic seems to have triggered some investigation of how we connect remotely with others. Welcome to the last 20 years of HCI everyone! Seriously though, people have been researching how we connect with others and our surroundings in situations that are mediated by technology for a long time. So careful before you claim it’s… Continue reading Alone together: the past 20 years of remote connections

The world of (inconsistent) data

I left Bulb in late April 2019 and moved on to work with a team inside ING researching how financial institutions could utilise building data to develop a new generation of sustainability-led financial services until March this year. After working with Bulb, EDF & British Gas over the past 15 years, I certainly knew plenty… Continue reading The world of (inconsistent) data

COVID-19 or The end of coherent action?

COVID-19 or The end of coherent action? Anecdote 1: My downstairs neighbours have had people over for dinner on Friday. In a pandemic. Anecdote 2: A South London yoga instructor suggested we all ‘clap for carers’ and ‘millions’ of people did it at once last Thursday. I only heard about it the next day because… Continue reading COVID-19 or The end of coherent action?