Notes on climate work

It was my last day at Design Council on Friday so I’m taking the opportunity to reflect on the past 5 years, taking on work across renewable energy, sustainable finance, circular economy, climate leadership in the world of design and running a summer residency. The administration of climate work matters. The minutiae and administration of… Continue reading Notes on climate work

Big D(esign) energy

I’m almost done with my stint as Chief Design Officer at the Design Council and it’s a good time to reflect on the experience so far and what I’d like to keep doing in my last months and beyond. A 79 year old startup The vibe at the Design Council is very close to what… Continue reading Big D(esign) energy

On institutional knowledge

I’m dismantling a corporate library for the second time in my life. I am working at the Design Council as interim CDO these days and we’re moving office which means dealing with our 20+ years institutional library. If books could talk, these ones would tell you about all the design competitions happening around the world… Continue reading On institutional knowledge

The world of (inconsistent) data

I left Bulb in late April 2019 and moved on to work with a team inside ING researching how financial institutions could utilise building data to develop a new generation of sustainability-led financial services until March this year. After working with Bulb, EDF & British Gas over the past 15 years, I certainly knew plenty… Continue reading The world of (inconsistent) data