Sunday Scraps #69

An alley in Liverpool

Most people have taken half term and the jubilee weekend off which means there’s a strange sleepy vibe in the city. Happy holidays everyone.

The incredible life of botanist George Washington Carver / The Last Psychiatrist is back on Twitter which bodes well for a return to their blogging / you can submit sounds of old objects to the Cities and Memory project / I didn’t know Eileen Blair’s poem influenced her husband’s writing / an evergreen article on the usual response to mass shootings / an excellent take on not being a maker / a local skatepark is finally getting a facelift / feeling lonely makes you more likely to buy second hand things apparently / on storage spaces / the wonderful work of the late Julião Sarmento / on charity in an age of food poverty / fascinating stuff from Sandrine Berges on the home as a philosophical project / on the difficulty of gauging wine quality / bought an incredibly beautiful plate inspired by Michael Cardew’s pottery .

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