Sunday Scraps #74

At that stage of middle age when I consider buying an eye mask / Mitterrand’s last meal / a lovely sounding supper club in London / can’t believe the House of St Barnabas closed / the most sampled African song / I should write something for Container magazine / the experimental instruments of Michel Waisvisz /… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #74

Sunday Scraps #73

(Picking this up after a year apparently, yikes.)   Collective Ending is an art collective in South London / an open call for the latest issue of Branch magazine / a friend recommended the work of choreographer Crystal Pite and dancer Leo Walk / the work of Raymond Briggs is being exhibited at the Ditchling… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #73

Sunday Scraps #72

  The importance of libraries to women / the privilege of men in STEM / the new MacGuffin is about chains / fragmented consumer research / I should do an Arvon retreat some time as I have been writing bad poetry during the pandemic / the book Esc looks nice / when you overdo it… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #72

Sunday Scraps #71

An LRB essay on the things we lost or left behind (including voice) / on the roles women take on / picked up a print by Sarah Woods / a Julian Barnes article where he watches the watchers / I hate camping so laughed out loud at this article about #vanlife / a timeline of… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #71

Sunday Scraps #70

The British Society for Social Responsibility in Science needs to make a comeback / i love the idea that pâté chinois could come from pemmican but also that’s definitely the original protein ball / the history of ‘modern European‘ food in London / didn’t know that the idea of a rose can be designed into… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #70

Sunday Scraps #69

Most people have taken half term and the jubilee weekend off which means there’s a strange sleepy vibe in the city. Happy holidays everyone. The incredible life of botanist George Washington Carver / The Last Psychiatrist is back on Twitter which bodes well for a return to their blogging / you can submit sounds of… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #69

Sunday Scraps #68

I’ve been visiting family so this week’s links are polluted Montréal perennial roadworks. Tuckman’s stages of group development / Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press looks amazing and I wonder who holds the archives / a very tempting course on writing texts in museums / the Peggy Guggenheim show in Venice looks mighty tempting /… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #68

Sunday Scraps #67

The music of Meitei and the early albums of the Penguin Café Orchestra have been drawing me in / on the aftermath of the 1958 Notting Hill riots / an interview with a group of anarchists in Hong Kong where I learn about lying flat / the Hysterical exhibition looks nice / an article on… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #67

Sunday Scraps #65

Totally in love with PJ Harvey’s recently released demo of Let England Shake / Mike Mills’ Fireworks and the beautiful reason he started drawing them/ on the South London of BlowUp /  Field Notes zine looks nice / a 1997 doco about Gary Oldman who was at the height of his fame and the short… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #65

Sunday Scraps #64

The Business Plot is not an exciting enough term for what may have happened / the George White Scandals is also a strange name / Louise Brookes studied at the Denishawn school / there’s a Leigh Bowery exhibition on / lots of good things in this article on toxic positivity and victim blaming / the… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #64