Sunday Scraps #67

Leeroy New's sculptures at Somerset House

The music of Meitei and the early albums of the Penguin Café Orchestra have been drawing me in / on the aftermath of the 1958 Notting Hill riots / an interview with a group of anarchists in Hong Kong where I learn about lying flat / the Hysterical exhibition looks nice / an article on regeneration through public commissioning of sculpture / David Sedaris is still so very good / the endangered architecture of Europe /  the poetry of mise en abîme and its relationship to chocolate / on LGBTQ support in American churches / this girls girls girls show looks great / the possible locations for the Billie Jean video / the possible closest recipe to that famous steak and frite sauce et ‘Le Relais de Venise’ / the Russian Empire as an octopus / New York’s shadow transit system / the memories of Jean Cooke / the champignon sauce in the original Ipcress File / i tried painting a Renoir when I was young but I was really painting Suzanne Valadon / there’s a long doco that’s not been made public about women potters and I demand to see it / a 2018 article on the role of the local hardware store / the psychological impact demolition  / the unique Rose Finn-Kelcey / really annoyed I missed the Ashmolean exhibition of Hans Coper’s work / a friend from Carlisle puts his rockabilly mixes online and they’re wonderful / I hadn’t come across Christopher Alexander but this is a nice take on his work and its impact on digital work / I might need to pop into Paris to see this show on intimacy / on being single in London in the 1950s / a wonderful short piece on what it was like to be 15 in the 90s / who do I have to sleep with to visit the Cosmic House / the (gender) politics of sitting.

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