Sunday Scraps #71

An LRB essay on the things we lost or left behind (including voice) / on the roles women take on / picked up a print by Sarah Woods / a Julian Barnes article where he watches the watchers / I hate camping so laughed out loud at this article about #vanlife / a timeline of gentrification struggles in Brixton / things aren’t going well at Documenta it seems / a long list by Tim Waterman of films that feature London and the 2012 Julian Temple doco / i don’t eat in West London much but I should probably save my money and try Taka some time / the bliss point is both a concept in food preparation and economics /  Body Vessel Clay is in York now so I should probably take another train up there soon / the work of Mark Duffy in the wake of Brexit / on the ubiquity of stretch wrap / the great debates in the world of psychotherapy was really interesting / the conservation problem of bats in indoor venues / the history of the filing cabinet / a book about space jazz which is sadly out of print / I have two plum trees but can’t eat them raw so turning to Ottolenghi for ideas about what to do with them / ‘the customer is always right’ came from the likes of Selfridge’s / why dynamic taxation might need to be a thing / I went to Margs with a friend last week so should watch this Tracey Emin doco really / took a tour of Thamesmead which was lovely and this promotional film shows bits of it that are now long gone / a more recent retrofit project there as well as historic photos of the bits that were demolished / Bing Crosby’s brother was a jazz musician / a visual history of the London County Council & Greater London Authority works / a retrofit project / when architects build communes for the rich / the underground battery wars / a wonderful long read by Phin Harper on UK homes and the climate crisis / trying not to spend all my money on Fuud / I should probably upgrade my darning skills and do some shashiko / Jo Shapcott was in my CityLit italian class last month / really exciting to see Mark Leckey start a school / Kikkoman ice cream anyone / the 1970s General Idea collective .

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