Sunday Scraps #73

(Picking this up after a year apparently, yikes.)


Collective Ending is an art collective in South London / an open call for the latest issue of Branch magazine / a friend recommended the work of choreographer Crystal Pite and dancer Leo Walk / the work of Raymond Briggs is being exhibited at the Ditchling museum / some cloud-themed ceramics / the New Bauhaus Festival is on soon / on the writer who lied / with civic AI and others mushrooming around tech and ethics are we going to stop talking and start doing? / why Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s work looks japanese / i should read Taylor Gatto’ s take on education some time / i’d love to try the vegan tasting menu at pied à terre some time / the Johari window method of self knowledge / A dialogue between writer James Baldwin and poet Nikki Giovanni is wonderful / the data empowerment fund sounds interesting / I am probably slowly turning into an Obasan but that’s ok / the Shere Hite doco sounds amazing / the International Times archive.

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