Sunday Scraps #40

Serge Chermayeff’s book Community & Privacy / I cannot get enough of James Baldwin and need to go see the site where his house used to be in Provence some day / a 2019 paper visualising how food flows through America / a shaky tour of Tom Sach‘s studio / Las Pozas, the Mexican garden… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #40

Sunday Scraps #39

I wonder if The Corridors of Power were over 2m wide / I didn’t know Hello Dolly was originally sung by Carol Channing / the touching photography of Charlie Phillips / Edgar Allan Poe’s A Dream Within a Dream / Better Living was an internal Dupont publication / the locations on the French Riviera where… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #39

Sunday Scraps #38

Ann Behringer became an addiction therapist after being Tina Turner’s backup dancers / Japanese libraries and their evolution / about listening to new music / Director of Strategy for COP26 role is open / Lewisham Small Sites Design Guide is being developed / Designing London’s Recovery is open for applications / Not long now till… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #38

Sunday Scraps #37

Branch magazine are looking for an assistant editor / Municipal Dreams is a book about the heyday of council building projects / I didn’t know Pamela Anderson had starred in a short film about cyber security theft / the colonial story of art in our museums / the history of Club 57 (no, not Studio… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #37

Sunday Scraps #36

William Lethaby, founder of the Central School of Art and Design, wrote a book on architecture and mysticism in the late 1800s / the impact of Womanhouse and a film about it / a new book on neo liberalism and logistics Assembly Codes / a friend told me I should read The Sun Also Rises… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #36

Sunday Scraps #35

A couple who took photos of each other during the same photoshoots is very beautiful / Betty Ford danced for Martha Graham it turns out / Space and Place / Schwitter’s Mertz Barn / The Transparency Society / Olivetti’s book The Political life of the Community / Who would take a 100 year old person… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #35

Sunday Scraps #34

I’m not sure I can remember the last time I did anything fun on Valentine’s Day so I played cupid for some people and am reading about the rose trade and climate change impact of flowers all year long which makes me want to support local businesses like Uncut Stems. Dishoom do delivery but not… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #34

New work: Human Values and policy-making

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with the BBC R&D team on advancing their Human Values research in the context of some NESTA funding we won. We’re working entirely remotely and I’ve been enjoying working with friends, old and new, in their North Lab. Since the Open Internet of Things event I helped Usman… Continue reading New work: Human Values and policy-making

Sunday Scraps #33

A 1970 documentary of James Baldwin in Paris / Ada’s List are looking for a new CEO / the couple who took over one of my flats make these amazing silk scarves and I’m trying not to buy another one / Parissi make a killer celeriac with za’atar and this is the closest online recipe… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #33

Sunday Scraps #32

The London Design Festival are looking for a producer / about the food in In the Mood for Love / under the cosh is an expression I didn’t know but quite like / the Modernist Society have published some lovely films / a IWD auction of art on postcards / an intriguing celeriac shawarma along… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #32