Big D(esign) energy

I’m almost done with my stint as Chief Design Officer at the Design Council and it’s a good time to reflect on the experience so far and what I’d like to keep doing in my last months and beyond. A 79 year old startup The vibe at the Design Council is very close to what… Continue reading Big D(esign) energy

End of year review

(Thanks to Prof. Dr. Molly Steenson for initiating this habit when I was a student. I’ve now trimmed it down a little as I find myself with the same answers to some questions year on year.) What did you do in 2022 that you’d never done before? Stopped caring as much about the wrong things.… Continue reading End of year review

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On institutional knowledge

I’m dismantling a corporate library for the second time in my life. I am working at the Design Council as interim CDO these days and we’re moving office which means dealing with our 20+ years institutional library. If books could talk, these ones would tell you about all the design competitions happening around the world… Continue reading On institutional knowledge

Sunday Scraps #71

An LRB essay on the things we lost or left behind (including voice) / on the roles women take on / picked up a print by Sarah Woods / a Julian Barnes article where he watches the watchers / I hate camping so laughed out loud at this article about #vanlife / a timeline of… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #71

Sunday Scraps #70

The British Society for Social Responsibility in Science needs to make a comeback / i love the idea that pâté chinois could come from pemmican but also that’s definitely the original protein ball / the history of ‘modern European‘ food in London / didn’t know that the idea of a rose can be designed into… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #70

Sunday Scraps #69

Most people have taken half term and the jubilee weekend off which means there’s a strange sleepy vibe in the city. Happy holidays everyone. The incredible life of botanist George Washington Carver / The Last Psychiatrist is back on Twitter which bodes well for a return to their blogging / you can submit sounds of… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #69

Sunday Scraps #68

I’ve been visiting family so this week’s links are polluted Montréal perennial roadworks. Tuckman’s stages of group development / Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press looks amazing and I wonder who holds the archives / a very tempting course on writing texts in museums / the Peggy Guggenheim show in Venice looks mighty tempting /… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #68

Sunday Scraps #67

The music of Meitei and the early albums of the Penguin Café Orchestra have been drawing me in / on the aftermath of the 1958 Notting Hill riots / an interview with a group of anarchists in Hong Kong where I learn about lying flat / the Hysterical exhibition looks nice / an article on… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #67

A beginner’s guide to exporting post-Brexit

I’m coming to the end of my contract working with Media Powerhouse as a project coordinator. This wasn’t my usual gig but I met their technical project manager Callum while working on my last client project. What I thought would be a project management role turned into a project coordination and administration role with a… Continue reading A beginner’s guide to exporting post-Brexit

Sunday Scraps #66

Things aren’t alright in the world so my reading reflects that. Sorry. The six mistakes of man by Cicero is on point / Mr Bean’s house/bunker for cars / the 18thC communes of the Icarians / the Belisha beacon is awesome but most of the cars in my neck of the woods ignore them and… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #66