New work: Human Values and policy-making

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with the BBC R&D team on advancing their Human Values research¬†in the context of some NESTA funding we won. We’re working entirely remotely and I’ve been enjoying working with friends, old and new, in their North Lab. Since the Open Internet of Things event I helped Usman… Continue reading New work: Human Values and policy-making

Made Near You: making local food businesses shareable & transparent

So to conclude (rather dramatically) last week, here are some notes on what I ended up showcasing at the end of the Mozilla Open IOT Design Sprint in Anstruther, Scotland. Made Near You (MaNY) is a service which allows food producers who want to encourage¬†local communities and tourists to eat and buy local. A form… Continue reading Made Near You: making local food businesses shareable & transparent

21st century compliance

I went to a conference and a few days later my friend Michelle came up with “Twitter compliant” as a way of rating presentations. Today I walked around the beautiful new Maxxi museum of Modern Art and Architecture in Rome (another Zaha Hadid project) and thought that some 21st century compliance would really help. The… Continue reading 21st century compliance

Unsustainable touchpoints

There’s clearly something wrong with the delivery of a service if it makes me think “oh what a waste”. This reflects poorly on the company, it’s brand and it’s supposed values, especially when I’m already aware I’m being unsistainable by using the service. 1st example: Last week during a doze on the Eurostar a member… Continue reading Unsustainable touchpoints

One line service design

Got tagged by Marc of 31volts so here goes. This is how I would characterise service design: Getting a meal at MacDonald’s, getting a weekly vegetable delivery from Abel and Cole, ordering chinese takeout, going on your weekly supermarket run, getting your lunch from the office canteen, all the same thing, but not the same… Continue reading One line service design

Defining service design

I recently had the pleasure of meeting some of the great people behind a book on services in the tourism industry. Andres explained to me that they had written this book in Estonia (only has been translated to Finnish so far) and was working on setting up a BA in service design. This was great… Continue reading Defining service design

Luxury and service design

I’ve had the privilege to have experienced a rather luxurious service recently and it got me thinking about the way we design services for the elite vs the general public. Can one inspire the other? What are the differences and what’s the thinking behind it? 1. Planning for all possible scenarios: I stayed in a… Continue reading Luxury and service design