Sunday Scraps #62

Noguchi at the Barbican

Etel Adnan,

The secret to happiness is there is no secret to happiness / one hundred famous views of Edo / the concrete art of Shizuko Yoshikawa / the photorealistic work of Latvian artist Vija Celmins / the fortification of educational architecture in the era of mass shootings / on portraying female genius / I should watch some of Jeanie Finlay’s work / I should also start on the 62 films which shaped documentary filmmaking / an unusual house by Gropius in Kent / how to kill people, a problem of design , literally / the incredibly beautiful work of Bauhaus alumni Gunta Stölzl / pre-pandemic digital nomads who don’t understand the value of community living are exhausting to read about / the future desert city of Neom / on contamination and social order / a duchess wrote the first sci-fi stories in the 17thC / the origins of doodad / dummy pronouns /   how we outsourced our knowledge bank to the internet / everything’s jake man / what supermarkets were like when I was a kid / the tranimals / the interiors of Silvia Rosi are a thing of beauty / that hammer is not an instrument / Mamie Van Doren should be more of an old Hollywood household name / how you do email security when you’re sending letters from prison / some songs only make it to the movies / a doco about Cassavetes / Maya Angelou’s lesson / the othering of cyclists / the architectural works of Marie Lenclos / Julie Gurr’s baskets / on clutter.

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