Sunday Scraps #48

(It’s been an incredibly long month as I ran a climate-change themed creative residency. It went really well. I’m proud but shattered.) A lot about the smell of rain at a scientific level / I’m not really a podcast person but this Grace Dent show about comfort eating is really great / on the obsession… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #48

Sunday Scraps #47

There’s a Festival of Intimacy on next week / the Hannah Arendt papers are now online / the privilege of abstraction in maps / in architecture and air conditioning / the Venice Biennale and a new spatial contract / Halt and Catch Fire which I should probably watch / the science of sleep / on… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #47

Sunday Scraps #46

The sexism of our early years / the potato paradox which makes no sense and that’s the point / Kenya’s failed smart city / armchair walks of Barrow-in-Furness which is strangely biodiverse and very poor / the actor Riz Ahmed’s incredible experience of studying at Oxford University / the concept of self-licensing / Tools magazine… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #46

Sunday Scraps #45

As my browser overflows and we’re almost 40% done with the year already, I contemplate how to sew a quilted coat as my next socially distanced mission while admiring the work of others / how vegan options are taking over vegetarian options on restaurant menus / the amazing music and life story of jazz musician… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #45

Sunday Scraps #44

I was remembering In Bed With Madonna (later called Madonna: Truth or Dare) which feels like a landmark piece of film making everyone has attempted to emulate since. Her tour takes place in the middle of the AIDS crisis and she is almost arrested for indecency in Toronto and has to cancel shows because of… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #44

Sunday Scraps #43

The ‘cafeteria quality’ of architecture conspiracy theories / you probably don’t want to read about the husband stitch / the Museum of the Home is looking for a creative programmer / Marini’s Horse & Rider / the sculptures of Kenneth Snelson / learning from libraries lecture / Catalyst journal sounds nice / I’m going to… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #43

Sunday Scraps #42

That French tacos piece is good, I wonder if we have any in London yet? / a call for submissions on topics of speculative education / a lovely little residency reimagining a shed / a participatory development toolkit / a new friend told me about Kato Lomb who taught herself 16 languages from scratch and… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #42

Sunday Scraps #41

The subversive art of Colette Justine / the stamps (or Haupstrom) of Joseph Beuys / Seed crystal / the feminisation of chocolate / How to Map Nothing or what we choose not to map /  A podcast about the problems of power in Bristol’s food culture

Sunday Scraps #40

Serge Chermayeff’s book Community & Privacy / I cannot get enough of James Baldwin and need to go see the site where his house used to be in Provence some day / a 2019 paper visualising how food flows through America / a shaky tour of Tom Sach‘s studio / Las Pozas, the Mexican garden… Continue reading Sunday Scraps #40