Interdependant systems

As this IDFuel article adresses, we find ourselves looking at complex systems present in nature and enviously trying to mimick them. “The natural world has evolved over billions of years to include an unbelievably complex array of interactions and dependencies, most of which are unknown, and many of which are remarkably unexpected. Intentional design, while… Continue reading Interdependant systems

Cooperative design

From the communal ovens of europe: “These common ovens also encouraged diversity for the “loaves going into the oven were slashed with distinct patterns so each family got back its own–really its own, since the grain from which it was made was grown on their farm.” via IDFuel This makes me think about the power… Continue reading Cooperative design

Shared eating

On the sharing front here is an interesting project about sharing your lunch with very little inconvenience by Sternform in Germany.

Nostalgia and technology

Hmm, interesting exhibition at the Brigham Young University Museum of Art in Salt Lake City called: Nostalgia and Technology : Embracing the New through Art and Design From the scientific instruments that shared shelf space with art objects and taxidermy in the collections of 17th-century nobility to the cabinet radio disguised as period furniture, technology… Continue reading Nostalgia and technology

Greed and product design

Ok so in recent news iPod is getting sued by a group of Nano users on the grounds that it scratches too easily and not only should they get their moeny back but a share of the profits as well. This 37 signals article goes on to show, by the simple display of comments, how… Continue reading Greed and product design

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Computers for art

I am facinated by the interest that people (gouvernments, designers, artists, Oprah) have all of a sudden about the environment, waste, global warming. Like this is something that just hit them… sigh… Buckminster Fuller must be stirring in his grave. So on the critical side of things we find Computers for art where a non-profit… Continue reading Computers for art

Emotion fuels innovation

On my quest for the perfect thesis projet i will look at how we interact with products around us, what fuels the consumerism patterns we know in order to derail them and direct them to shared and communal experiences. So a starting point for me is to understand the consumer and what is the landscape… Continue reading Emotion fuels innovation

Open paragraph

Oh my, Im actually going to have an audience for this?

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