On privacy

Random theory on a quiet and rainy Saturday afternoon in the city. Privacy exists only in the eye of the beholder and is more prevalent and easier to engineer than ever before. It’s all a question of audience. I’ll explain. The new standard in our ways of communicating (especially in the geekdom) is to publicly… Continue reading On privacy

Silicon Crescent

Matt put up a nice map of the startups in Shoreditch, glad we’re somehow web2.0 enough for that map :) View Larger Map

Feedburner it is

Just a quick announcement that I have switched to Feedburner for this blog’s RSS feed…subscribe away!

Quote of the day

(Paul Hildebrandt in pure American fashion, trying to get the audience all rallied up, unsuccessfully.) “Boy, the British really are reserved! Isn’t there another American in the room?” (My friend Brock from the back of the room) “Yeh, I’m trying to fit in!”

Thoughts from the edge

As I struggle to keep my head away from tinkering for more than 15 minutes, I’ve realised a few things so far: – there is a fine balance to be struck between saying yes and saying no – people are, in general, quite unforgiving of any mistakes, even if you’re starting out – money is… Continue reading Thoughts from the edge


So I feel I’ve neglected this site long enough, I really should update people about why on earth I’m hardly in touch with the world. January is always a good month for announcements anyway right? Firstly I am now CEO (or chief slave driver as I prefer to call it) of a small technology and… Continue reading Update