The best things in life are near

I just came back from a sort of really stupid back and forth on 6 eurostars in the space of a week…but the friends i got to see again, the meals i got to eat and the events I attended made this a really beautiful week, with the real satisfaction of just traveling by train. The level of exhaustion is really quite different than if i had taken planes.

I hardly had any internet access, haven’t opened my rss reader in weeks and generally enjoying doing some real thinking about my current adventure. I need to do this more often.

I hope you’ll excuse me for the lack of new content, in light of this…I’ll come up with something witty soon, I swear!

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  1. OFF TOPIC, but I thought I would ask you this one.

    Have I heard in design circles the expression ‘design is dead’? And if I have, what is the take on the current fascination by management theorists with design.
    And the BAWB movement (which would interest you anyway).

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