Open Sauces toast

I had the extreme pleasure of attending Open Sauces in Bruxelles yesterday which was organised by the great people at I was invited to give a toast and did so on a course that was served with a plate from the Topoware collection. I thought I’d archive what I said.

Before I take a bite

I’m thinking about

– what i wish i hadn’t eaten yesterday
– what i will eat tomorrow
– the millions of obese children in the UK

– how i used to be able to carry a really heavy laptop around all the time
– how its so easy to get kids to exercise but not adults
– how many staircases will i have to go up and down to  burn this off?
– how I wished we weren’t so addicted to elevators and escalators

– how i should make an effort to eat more locally
– i hope the people involved in picking this food were well treated
– i hope the food miles of this meal aren’t too high
– how much of this will end up being thrown away
– could i have grown it myself?
– how much did this cost?

–  how many calories this is anyway
– i wonder if the ingredients list is lying
– is this part of my 5 a day?
– is this too much? not enough?
– how much salt is in this?
– how much sugar is in this?
– what kind of vitamins am i getting from this?
– am i equipped to digest this?

– how my mother told me its not polite to leave food in your plate
– how certain foods stopped being part of my diet after childhood
– how I can still remember my mom’s chicken sauce recipe just by thinking about it

And then I take a sip and take a bite and let my tongue do the thinking for me.

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