RIP Douglas Keen


A little sadness on this rainy Sunday in London. I opened yesterday’s Guardian to find that Douglas Keen had died. I didn’t know him personally nor did I even know his name, but his work is a key part of my childhood. He was the one to teach me english, or to be perfectly accurate Peter and Jane, the main characters of his books, did. I was about 7 living in Kuwait and suddenly parachuted in an American School, having previously spoken only french at home. His books helped me in so many ways as I learnt about western ideas and culture while living in a very different country and environment to the Paris of my youth.

I’m happy I grew up with his little people.

I also feel I’ve suddenly entered that phase in my life where companies are trying to cater to a sense of nostalgia. In the same Guardian, there was an advert for the Ladybird Vintage book for Girls and I have to admit I feel really tempted to add it to my Christmas list.

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