IoT for climate change with Overlay

Since the start of the summer, I’ve been working a few days a month with Overlay, a startup incubated by ING Labs in the heart of London’s financial district. It’s been incredibly interesting and they are fantastic people which I didn’t expect from the financial sector. My work involves helping Overlay’s product development by researching… Continue reading IoT for climate change with Overlay

Post-it note included in OZCHI’19 academic paper

I attended a workshop in Chemnitz by the German academic project Miteinander. At the end of it, I drew on a post-it note what I thought was the overlap and position of  the six different internet of things card-based toolkits which had been presented. The image of that post-it has been included in an academic… Continue reading Post-it note included in OZCHI’19 academic paper

Making it!?

I organised this one day conference on exploring ideas of success in making communities and makers in 2018. It was hosted at DoES Liverpool and sponsored by Barclay’s Eagle Labs and the European Union’s Regional Development Fund.

The Good Home

Along with Peter Bihr & Dries de Roeck, I organised a series of 3 exhibitions (during the Milan Furniture Fair, in Aalst Living Lab for the elderly and during the London Design Festival) around concepts of ‘The Good Home’. The work which was showcased was generated by multi-disciplinary approaches, group work and virtual submissions.