Author: designswarm

100th #iotlondon

Tonight, I ran the 100th and my last London Internet of Things Meetup. I wrote about what I think we’ve achieved as a community back in May. It’s been such an honour to meet so many people and support them in a simple way in…

Know Cards

In 2014, Tina Aspiala and I designed a set of cards that lets you explore a wide range of electronics components commonly used in internet of things applications. You can buy them online.

Low Carbon Design Institute

We’re piloting a new kind of design education in summer 2021. This two week program is aimed at creative people interested in deeply learning about climate change and who refuse to start from a blank page.


IDII unofficial archive

I attended the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea between 2004-2006 at which point the program was closed. As the official story of the institute has yet to be told in writing, I put together an online archive documenting the move from Ivrea to Milan and the…

IoT for climate change with Overlay

Since the start of the summer, I’ve been working a few days a month with Overlay, a startup incubated by ING Labs in the heart of London’s financial district. It’s been incredibly interesting and they are fantastic people which I didn’t expect from the financial…