21st century Liberal (T)asks

Keeping tabs on my personal pet peeves and my asks of politicians in the 21st century. Based on what is going on elsewhere in the world and a work in progress.

Things to fund

Things to change

  • Renationalise essential services if they have been privatised
  • Any street with a school becomes a School Street (partial closure to cars are drop-off/pick up times)
  • Assess EV charging potential for every property in the country (its not always technically possible)

Things to ban

  • Make it illegal to sell/rent a property that has an EPC below C.
  • Ban all private cars in city centres 

Loopholes to close

  • Get rid of EPC exemptions
  • Standardise waste services across the UK
  • Make pay transparent for all jobs and industries
  • Impose a ratio between median pay and CEO pay.

Ways to fund change