Papercamp 2 writeup

The power of postcards View more presentations from Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino. PaperCamp is a sweet and strange little weekend affair. Mostly attended by friends or friends of friends, you end up having conversations about stuff, work, life and everything in between. Not quite recovered from my recent travels, I hastily put together a short rant on… Continue reading Papercamp 2 writeup

Know your food

After Open Sauces in November, I got interested in food again, especially the way food is presented and communicated in the context of supermarkets. There’s something deeply depressing about the presentation of fruits and veg in the UK and there is also something cultural about that presentation. When I lived in Italy, access to certain… Continue reading Know your food

2009 resolutions

I don’t like chocolate that much anymore and I’ve already promised myself to do more exercise, so all there’s left to commit to are a loose collection of interests I’d like to pursue in the coming year: – Find out what’s behind the current trend of doomsday scenarios for the it only a byproduct… Continue reading 2009 resolutions

10 seconds

It’s August finally and as a form of relaxation, I’m forcing myself to do some video editing, something I used to enjoy tremendously when I was studying. This one is for Karola. What is jewellery? from Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino on Vimeo.