Papercamp 2 writeup

PaperCamp is a sweet and strange little weekend affair. Mostly attended by friends or friends of friends, you end up having conversations about stuff, work, life and everything in between. Not quite recovered from my recent travels, I hastily put together a short rant on postcards. I won’t go through everything I talked about, that would be too boring. So here’s the executive summary:

– I made people make postcards addressed to someone else in the room and I was sending it on their behalf. They made beautiful things.

– If you like paper things and storytelling, go buy “The postcard Century”. The author collected postcards and shared their message with the readers. It’s voyeurism in its simplest form.

– Look into the history of the postcard, it will show you that issues of DRM, privacy and speed are old conversations we keep having over and over again.

– Transport for London made some postcards from the Future. They are nice and a little creepy too.

– Postcards are the original Twitter / geo-location mash-up.

– I have decided to bully Ben Burry into helping me make a thing since I can’t talk about something and not make something happen.

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