Interaction design semantic discussions

Interesting how this all started with a simple email conversation with RĂ©gine talking about some conversations I was having with ex-students and observers in London about the Interim show at the RCA and then WHAM… everything explodes… she writes no less than 6 posts about the show and a whole vibrant and slightly aggressive conversation… Continue reading Interaction design semantic discussions

designswarm update

I finally de-lazied a bit and am slowly putting up videos of my past works, there are a lot of them but with Youtube I no longer have any excuse : P The Hungries videos.

Damn shame

The building in which i spent a year (should have spent 2) is for rent…. there are no words for the anger and bitterness i feel. Via the excellent Experientia.

Presenting Karola Torkos

Ok so I’ve spent a little time with my lovely friend Karola to get her “webified” and i’m starting to think that maybe i should start a business being the “digital agent” of people in fine arts :) She and I put together her website, blog and Flickr of course. Enjoy!

Never mind interaction design, now it's all about "design interactions"

Is this a trend or the byproduct of the fact that most often than not, people can’t commit to defining their field? So now after my earlier rant about the RCA’s new name for it’s interaction design program, i read that former IDII Bill Moggridge is publishing a book called Designing interactions. Sounds so artsy…… Continue reading Never mind interaction design, now it's all about "design interactions"

Dilution of a field

Not sure how I feel about this latest announcement of the RCA‘s new Head of Department Tony Dunne. The Interaction design department (which apart from IDII and Umea was the only other school teaching a less Xerox park approach to the field is renaming itself “Design Interactions”. “The focus of the department is shifting, and… Continue reading Dilution of a field