Should we stop using the term "Interaction Design"?

I got this last month from Michel, a lovely student from Eindhoven: “I am currently looking for an internship in HCI/ID, but I am suffering from a “typecasting”-effect. Many companies ask for “interaction designers” when they really mean “graphics designers” or “css monkeys”. The fact that I have a background in computer science just makes… Continue reading Should we stop using the term "Interaction Design"?

Know your food

After Open Sauces in November, I got interested in food again, especially the way food is presented and communicated in the context of supermarkets. There’s something deeply depressing about the presentation of fruits and veg in the UK and there is also something cultural about that presentation. When I lived in Italy, access to certain… Continue reading Know your food

Map of interaction design education in Europe

So I thought I’d map out the interesting academic environments where one might find a course that relates in some way shape or form to interaction design in the broadest sense possible (notice there aren’t any web courses here). I’m interested in how these schools form the professionals of tomorrow and how the field will… Continue reading Map of interaction design education in Europe

Constant Setting

This is a little project of mine that was born over a year ago in Amsterdam but went into hibernation for a while for obvious reasons. I’m happy to consider this is my first actual contribution to the web2.0 conversation. I’d like to thank D’arcy Saum, Richard Groenendijk and Nicholas Land for helping me out… Continue reading Constant Setting