On graduating

So for the first time in years, I went to have a proper look at design graduate work (CSM & RCA) as this is the perfect opportunity to take a snapshot of design education before the scary rise in fees when most UK students might apply outside of the UK and schools start to panic.… Continue reading On graduating

Should we stop using the term "Interaction Design"?

I got this last month from Michel, a lovely student from Eindhoven: “I am currently looking for an internship in HCI/ID, but I am suffering from a “typecasting”-effect. Many companies ask for “interaction designers” when they really mean “graphics designers” or “css monkeys”. The fact that I have a background in computer science just makes… Continue reading Should we stop using the term "Interaction Design"?

Managing a portfolio & online presence for design students

Last month, Carole invited me to come in, lecture and help her graduating MA Textile Futures students understand the value of building an online presence of their own. I ended up putting together a few presentations to explain the value of what the internet was about, how it could help them in their career, etc.… Continue reading Managing a portfolio & online presence for design students

A manifesto (2004)

Wrote this as an exercise for JC back in Ivrea. Re-read it today and didn’t dissagree with it as much as I thought I would. Strange how we set a path for ourselves and naturally try to follow it. I was young enough I suppose to be able to see beyond myself. In the day… Continue reading A manifesto (2004)

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Map of interaction design education in Europe

So I thought I’d map out the interesting academic environments where one might find a course that relates in some way shape or form to interaction design in the broadest sense possible (notice there aren’t any web courses here). I’m interested in how these schools form the professionals of tomorrow and how the field will… Continue reading Map of interaction design education in Europe

What does design mean to you?

Not interactive designer, all designers are interactive! Lovely interview of Kars here, I think that conversation embodies the misunderstandings and challenges around the concept of “just enough prototyping” (mantra that Gillian Crampton Smith pushed at Ivrea) and the need to be dependent on technology when designing or be technology agnostic.

Onwards and forward

So I find myself in the unlikely position of having bitched about an event I got invited to this year. Since that post, I can say that the state of interaction design conferences and education has dramatically improved with This happened in London and IxDA in the US. Hopefully this is a “future trend” :)… Continue reading Onwards and forward

Thoughts on everyday and far-away technologies

I’ve finally found some time to have a proper read through Baudrillard’s System of objects to find it really is shaping my thinking around material culture and technology. Some quick thoughts based on quotes from the book: “No sooner does an object lose its concrete practical aspects than it is transferred to the realm of… Continue reading Thoughts on everyday and far-away technologies