The problem with advertising

…is that, sometimes, the best projects have no budget & the people with a budget and the best intentions fall in the hands of agencies with no ability to think outside the box. 2 days, and 2 videos to illustrate this point.

The first a video attempting, I suppose, to get young women interested in science. It’s best to think about it as the opening credits to a Sex & the City Science Special. Grotesque. Commissioned by the EU, it’s received a healthy amount of criticism. A representative, when asked if it was a joke, said that “the EU doesn’t really do irony”. Maybe they should.

The other, I saw in the cinema and was for Code Club a project started by 2 brilliant women to teach kids how to code after school. The whole thing looked a bit DIY-Youtube-just-shot-this with-my-iPhone and not in a good way. It looked like it might have been organised at the last minute backstage at Davos. And to end with Prince Andrew getting hired is also, well cheesy.

These 2 groups are clearly trying to do good things, but the budget and tools they had at their disposal clearly don’t make up for the lack of leadership from the agencies they worked with. Work like you care people, the women and kids you know will thank you.

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