Hmm, the more i learn the more i love Bruce Sterling…I learnt a new word today: spime, ie the idea of the intelligent device that is also aware of its state (of course this was in the context of object -driven programming but i extrapollated it to the idea of physical objects. There’s a good… Continue reading Spimes???

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Colin's feedback…

This is the feedback I got from Colin Burns last month who was talking about his work for an R&D team a few years ago: We created good experimental evidence that authentic (i.e. from the real context) objects are a highly effective trigger for reminiscence and memory. (e.g. Souvenir of a trip, family members hat,… Continue reading Colin's feedback…

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Thesis feedback…

I thought I would publish the feedback I’ve been getting from Lee Feldman from Blast Radius, a canadian born web company. He is part of the group of people who I am actively informing on my thesis process which includes Colin Burns, ex-head of IDEO London with whom i had the pleasure of working with… Continue reading Thesis feedback…

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Simplicité Volontaire

The previous post on the new puritain reminded me of a movement in Québec that started a few years ago called “Simplicité Volontaire” which is explained on this french website and which basically advocates a different and richer way of living that gets away from our conventional understanding of being rich (ie involving money). What… Continue reading Simplicité Volontaire

New experiment on its way…

A next step for me which i shall implement in the next week is aimed at discovering what values come out of sharing a unique object and being able to see the hisory of interactions that people will have with it. Being inspired by the chain-letter phenomenon, i thought i might try a chain-object event… Continue reading New experiment on its way…

The New Puritain

This Guardian article descibes an interesting social twist on current concerns about consumerism. “So, with a few grand gestures and some high-profile converts New Puritanism offers a powerful escape route from our impulsive, reward-driven lifestyles. It might just have the potential to stave off the horrors promised by an out-of-control consumerist culture in which, according… Continue reading The New Puritain

Interdependant systems

As this IDFuel article adresses, we find ourselves looking at complex systems present in nature and enviously trying to mimick them. “The natural world has evolved over billions of years to include an unbelievably complex array of interactions and dependencies, most of which are unknown, and many of which are remarkably unexpected. Intentional design, while… Continue reading Interdependant systems

Cooperative design

From the communal ovens of europe: “These common ovens also encouraged diversity for the “loaves going into the oven were slashed with distinct patterns so each family got back its own–really its own, since the grain from which it was made was grown on their farm.” via IDFuel This makes me think about the power… Continue reading Cooperative design

Shared eating

On the sharing front here is an interesting project about sharing your lunch with very little inconvenience by Sternform in Germany.