Sunday Scraps #33

A ceramic swallow on the side of Waterloo Bridge

A 1970 documentary of James Baldwin in Paris / Ada’s List are looking for a new CEO / the couple who took over one of my flats make these amazing silk scarves and I’m trying not to buy another one / Parissi make a killer celeriac with za’atar and this is the closest online recipe I’ve found for it / a very tempting hanging rug / the history of poor and working class housing in New York City / the soft politics of hard ice cream / on Sylvia Plath’s new biography / the excellent piss take of Adam Curtis’ style / the economics of building churches back in the 15th century / some of Frank Kunert’s work is starting to look more normal as the years go by / the economic consequences of war on the US economy (mostly negative, duh) / very tempted to watch The Ebony Tower just to imagine having a Pastis in summer, in France / about the Battersea Poltergeist / the Russian approach to vaccines .

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