Sunday Scraps #32

Bag of croissants on the back of my bike

The London Design Festival are looking for a producer / about the food in In the Mood for Love / under the cosh is an expression I didn’t know but quite like / the Modernist Society have published some lovely films / a IWD auction of art on postcards / an intriguing celeriac shawarma along with pomegranate molasses recipes / trying not to buy anything from this Savile Row tailor who specialises in women’s fashion / the poetry of activist Carolyn Forché / it’s imbolc this week / on whether Raymond Carver is solely responsible for his own success / Edith Pretty whose land Sutton Hoo was discovered in and who was offered a CBE but declined / the true (social) cost of dollar stores / everything you’d ever want out of a potato / phone line confessions gone wrong.

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