Sunday Scraps #25

A Marcel Duchamp urinal print on some scaffolding in South London.

I was insulted on Professor Gilbert’s behalf when her raising her twins was framed alongside the fact that her husband had quit his job to care of them. The reverse happens every single day and noone writes about it. / Didn’t realise Brassaï had taken time lapse photographs of graffiti carved out of walls in Paris / British Council has an open call for applicants to help develop their Creative Economy portfolio / the 1977 guide ‘Looking Good’ for men is, for some reason, still in print / Religion and its impact on use of home devices / London’s lost canal walks / Daniel Bélanger has a new album out, an eclectic soundtrack to the year / Lovely Molly which dates back to 1446 / Logic school is for ‘tech workers’, i don’t know what that means but telling people about activism is always good / I’m re-reading one my favourite books, City, which led me to Monet’s ridiculous life / wikipedia page / A 2012 study of panoramas and views in Lambeth / an analysis of The Nanny and Fran’s physical performance as a loud, but slim woman looking to secure a British man’s heart / the role of technology in how cities are designed / a Zoom retreat around memory / an online exhibitions of literary appearances of the telephone / psychobabble and expensive paint / talking to the radio via voice assistants.