Sunday Scraps #26

Door with an A on it near London Bridge.

On being sick of cooking / a universal sign language by the author of The Saint books that never took off / the Women’s Design Service charity is being wound down / Hidden London (virtual) tours / did Newton go mad in Lincolnshire? / the demolition of the Trowbridge estate towers in Hackney Wick / Rachel Whiteread‘s work on the day and her incredible House cast in nearby Victoria Park /   the making and remaking of Hackney Wick paper / Open London printed cycle tours / a tumblr feed of control panels in popular culture / a collage by Telse Schnelle-Colln the artist who invented the concept of optical rhetoric when it comes to moderation work / Keyboard fantasies a documentary about a transgender musician influenced by sci-fi looks amazing / Ira Gershwin, the lyrical side of the duo he formed with his brother George / The Kiosk documentary about a newspaper vendor in Paris / Les Others magazine which reminds me of McGuffin Magazine / Merton Abbey Mills in South London where Liberty print was once produced / Printing guide for risograph.