Sunday Scraps #20

Seaside in Margate on a Saturday night

Loved the work of José Luis Vargas at Carl Freedman Gallery / Beehive design company whose logo Medium stole / The ‘head tooling’ section of Ken Isaacs 1974 book on self builds / A Vogue article on menopause featuring a 48 year old Gwyneth. Whatever. / Ken Miles, the racing car driver / CFP Radio Arts Catalyst – The School of Broadcasting  / The Suburban Taskforce / Reimagine + Resilience t-shirt / The Capability Approach in philosophy and economics / Owen D. Pomery’s illustrations / the Derek Jarman exhibition at the Garden Museum was lovely / the Public Domain Review a friend told me about / Dana Suesse the ‘Girl Gershwin’ / the Pareto Principle / Arthur Dyson an architect who apprenticed shortly at Taliesin / Henry Steel Olcott who became the first western Buddhist with Helena Blavatsky.