Sunday Scraps #21

Late night looking at Southwark Bridge.

Everything Changes poem on the London Underground.

It’s been 20 years since IDII opened its doors and 14 since it closed them (and I graduated). The founding team is giving a talk about it next month. / Rachel Syme from the NewYorker has started a pen pal thing / Public Practice is looking for Associates to work with local authorities again. / The problematic early yogi Pierre Bernard /  Gabriel Guarda a chilean priest and architect died this week / Big Society is what happens when government decision-making resembles grey goo / Tokyo Diner are making fake cakes with fish (in case you’re wondering what to get me for my birthday) / jk it’s always that Victoria Sponge cake / Ruskin’s house is near where I live / the benefits of autumnal hikes / 9 lies about work was recommended to me / Viola Smith the drummer who died at 107 / Keith Jarrett’s future / George Nakashima‘s woodwork and documentary / the (then) end of the Locarno Dance Hall in my neck of the woods.