Sunday Scraps #19

A walk in 'Temple of the Winds' walk in Surrey.

Piece from the Tate Modern Bruce Nauman show that's now on.

My talented friend Jeremy drove us to ‘Temple of the Winds’ walk in Surrey after popping in to see Mary Fraser Tytler incredible terra cotta chapel. We also drove around the modernist  Alton Estate on the way back into town. Strange that it was designed by Rosemary Stjernstedt who designed the much nicer Central Hill Estate I linked to last month. / Utopia London film has some bits of the estate in it/ Surrey Historic Gardens / I’ve become convinced gender-neutral clothing is basically men’s clothing / the Apostles a secret society of students Tennyson joined / a radio show about In Memoriam the poem of grief he wrote over 17 years / Blue Nights by Joan Didion / the Republic of Letters, a long distance intellectual community in the 17th century / Anna Meredith’s ‘Four Telegrams’ piece of the Proms a few years ago / ‘Raised by Wolves’ that made Eddie Izzard’s career in 1991 / I lived through a collapse piece that’s doing the rounds / Buster Keaton as an anarchitect / The Dinner Party, the first epic feminist artwork apparently / The Woman’s building in the Chicago World Fair on 1893 / The grounds of Sutton Place which I’d love to visit if anyone knows Alisher Usmanov / a feature-length film on the art of comic strips / New French Extremism / A documentary about Hilma Af Klint who did symbolic paintings before many of her male contemporaries / Adverse Childhood Experience scores and their misuse /  There are only 21 species of seafood and fish that are sustainable, yes cod is one of them / A (Moveable) Feast of Modernism / Lapsuslima online magazine / House of Dreams museum in South London.