Stupid women events

Received this in my inbox.

“As one of the most influential women in the Web 2.0 right now, it is my pleasure to invite you to participate to the Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2009″

What is wrong with this statement?

1. It sounds like spam. Influential according to who?

2. It’s impersonal, if anything I’ve co-founded a very non-web2.0 business.

3. Tickets are 2.5K

4. Any event named XX Forum will receive a polite “I’d rather be dead”

5. Any women-centric event is unrealistic in my field of work.

Someone please fix this.

By designswarm

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  1. Just saw your Guardian write up. Lovely. Think it won’t be long til they’re paying you 2.5k to go (well maybe not quite so much in these recessionary times). Hold out for it. a

  2. I don’t do non-interactive stuff anymore. It’s frightfully dull and I am never quite sure why anyone expects me to pay to sit and be bored for a few days.

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