Prisons or domes? Notes on the role of the home under COVID-19.

I wrote a book on the history of technology in the home which came out in 2018 and six weeks into my government mandated self-isolation, I’m thinking about what I wrote. Home as a space to return to, not exist in. Pliny the Elder (A.D. 23–79) famously wrote ‘One prefers one’s home to all other… Continue reading Prisons or domes? Notes on the role of the home under COVID-19.

Lean in and say something.

In the last months, I’ve started seeing a lot of traffic to blog posts about how hard it was being a woman in tech, how horrid conference organisers were, how sexist technologists were and how Sheryl Sanderberg had joined the rest of us in her recognition of the basic principles of feminism (this coming from… Continue reading Lean in and say something.

Ada Lovelace: Carole Collet

That time of the year again and right on time considering the amount of ink that has been spilt (that expression I guess will have to be revised when the infamous death of paper things happens, oh well) recently about feminism, its impending death (we’re trying to kill off all of our large cultural concepts… Continue reading Ada Lovelace: Carole Collet

Stupid women events

Received this in my inbox. “As one of the most influential women in the Web 2.0 right now, it is my pleasure to invite you to participate to the Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2009″ What is wrong with this statement? 1. It sounds like spam. Influential according to who? 2. It’s impersonal, if anything I’ve co-founded… Continue reading Stupid women events