Overworked and underfucked

Thankfully I can’t even take credit for this expression that I picked up from Aram back in Talponia days, but that’s exactly how I feel at the moment so you’ll have to excuse the hollow sound of this blog at the moment.

Things I’m busy with include researching robots, helping with blogging for LIREC, learning about origami for some of what i’ll talk about at Interesting, managing 2 large projects at Tinker.it! convincing new people to work with us on Christmas stuff, planning on learning all about conductive threads for the V&A, throwing crunched up post-its at Peter who sits conveniently accross from me, convincing Ben to quit Goldsmiths and just work with us for the rest of his creative life, enjoying having Cefn around the office in between paragliding trips, thinking about home automation from the ground up and cheap internet-of-things and taking the occasional trip to Europe to see friends. Conferences coming up soon as well.

All of this will of course materialise in different forms. Or I might just have a nervous breakdown. Will have to schedule that in though :)

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