Making it!?

I organised this one day conference on exploring ideas of success in making communities and makers in 2018. It was hosted at DoES Liverpool and sponsored by Barclay’s Eagle Labs and the European Union’s Regional Development Fund.

The Good Home

Along with Peter Bihr & Dries de Roeck, I organised a series of 3 exhibitions (during the Milan Furniture Fair, in Aalst Living Lab for the elderly and during the London Design Festival) around concepts of ‘The Good Home’. The work which was showcased was generated by multi-disciplinary approaches, group work and virtual submissions.

Know Cards

In 2014, Tina Aspiala and I designed a set of cards that lets you explore a wide range of electronics components commonly used in internet of things applications. You can buy them online. I also worked with Dries de Roeck to extend the set to include an ideation pack which was prototyped as part of… Continue reading Know Cards

Day in the life of a designer and her networked objects

I collaborated with Tom Klinkowstein in helping write the scenario for this extremely large diagrammatic narrative. In it, a potential scenario for life in 2030 is fleshed-out including the new smart products which might emerge out of current technological development. The full diagram can be downloaded as a pdf.