Sunday Scraps #43

St Mary's Garden next to Lambeth Bridge

The ‘cafeteria quality’ of architecture conspiracy theories / you probably don’t want to read about the husband stitch / the Museum of the Home is looking for a creative programmer / Marini’s Horse & Rider / the sculptures of Kenneth Snelson / learning from libraries lecture / Catalyst journal sounds nice / I’m going to sign up to bicycle repair videos / need to consult ‘Getting Back Together’ which is about the hippy movement when the British Library reopens properly / the aesthetics of English Misery (probably one of the top things that keeps me around) / rural England and Dolly Parton / Barbara Hepworth show on soon / a lemon cake recipe (although my friend M. sent me one I’ll try first) / how house size has an impact on appliances / finally, should or should I not get elocution lessons?

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