Sunday Scraps #42

An ice cream chalked onto the pavement with a pigeon walking by in my neighbourhood

That French tacos piece is good, I wonder if we have any in London yet? / a call for submissions on topics of speculative education / a lovely little residency reimagining a shed / a participatory development toolkit / a new friend told me about Kato Lomb who taught herself 16 languages from scratch and used Chinese characters to take notes when translating for conference speakers / if I could I’d write a book about music videos and architecture, this one from Diana King would feature / a long lost cupid in a Vermeer / the beautiful grave of Alfred Schnittke / there’s a trail of sculptures around East London I should explore / a new critical book on photography / apparently high waisted jeans are back ‘in’ but I am still trying to forget that crotch burn from some of my dancing days / a great NYTimes piece on Vincent Van Gogh’s sister-in-law and why she’s responsible for his fame today.

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