Sunday Scraps #34

The back of the Barge House last weekend

Deanna Templeton's photography

I’m not sure I can remember the last time I did anything fun on Valentine’s Day so I played cupid for some people and am reading about the rose trade and climate change impact of flowers all year long which makes me want to support local businesses like Uncut Stems.

Dishoom do delivery but not to my area (of course) /  25 years of UN peace keeping and sexual abuse / Chinese protest recipes / I’m going to be doing a load of work in Hackney Wick over the next weeks and just want to pop into Ararat / Nora Ephron’s early essay about breasts and her laugh out loud essay about cookbooks/ office buildings and the rodent problem / Cornelius Cardew’s ‘Treatise‘ and whether it’s a piece of art or music / Wittgenstein’s TLP / Fuchsia Dunlop‘s work in capturing Sichuan cuisine / I miss asian cuisine terribly so keep looking at books like Our Korean Kitchen without ever buying them / the Black Panther founder’s penis trousers / the strange history of kissing / I love you moi non plus Dover Street Market competition / the terrifying Personality Assessment System / Edgar Mittelholzer’s works which mentions the Morris chair / the interesting tradition of Mardi Gras Indians / my long thread on the horrors of the Aunt Jemima as a brand.

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