Sunday Scraps #29

Christmas cards

Went down a rabbit hole of Arthur Cravan thanks to this BBC Radio 3 show by artist Ross Sutherland / Frank O’Hara’s lunchtime poetry looks great / This is him in his home reading a poem to his lover about having a Coke / a book about the landscape architect Lawrence Halprin / a talk about the impact his wife Anna (an influential dancer and choreographer) and he had in the 1960s with their cross-disciplinary workshops / a documentary came out in 2000 about the emergence of modern dance in San Francisco but I can’t find a video / I need to read up some more about John Dewey / the environmental cost of lithium mining / the Reys and Curious George who initially was named Fifi / the investment of white people in black masculinity discussed / Hugh Hefner seems to have had a television show that featured a young Nina SimoneBande à Part by Godard is based on a book by American novelist Dolores Hitchens / overthinking the capitalist context for love / people who call up an elderly french person to practice with.