Sunday Scraps #27

Lunch at Ottolenghi.

The history of automats, the first acceptable restaurant where women could have a meal alone in the 1920s / Diet for a Small Planet /  an English philosopher who made Zen Buddism quite popular but died of alcoholism / Life begins at 40 in the 1930s because 50 years earlier, I’d be dead by now / plotter art / empty lockdown swimming pools which is perfect considering you could also go swimming safely in a bunch of other places / imagine painting every meal you had for 32 years? / Dorothy West & The Living is Easy is going on my reading list / A film about West London in the 1980s / Joan Littlewood who was born in Stockwell started the Theatre Workshop and instigated the idea of a Fun Palace / Appius & Virginia has been re-published / Corporate reporting with AI means picking your words carefully (and probably, sarcastically) / Ritual and its consequences / Why we sleep (because mine is terrible atm).