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I don’t like women and technology events but i would blog any day about women I admire in technology.
Actually so should you. Common now, I’m sure we could up the numbers on women attending tech conferences in no time!

Additionally in the spirit of Anne Galloway’s brilliant chart on women in ubicomp from in 2006 here are some additions more in the “tech design and everything in the middle” category (all people i have met and know):

Maja Kuzmanovic
Gwendolyn Floyd
Deb Bassett
Natalie Downe
Esther Saxey
Elaine Ann
Ulla-Maaria Engestrom
– Katie Pula
Merci Victoria Grace Hall
Louisa Heinrich
Fiona Romeo
Hannah Donovan
Leslie Chicoine

Added by Molly Steenson

Lilly Irani
Silvia Lindtner
Johanna Brewer
Louise Klinker
Rachel Abrams
Revital Cohen
Arianna Bassoli
Judy Chen
Janet Vertesi
Irina Shklovski
Mouna Andraos
Francesca Birks

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