Good Night Lamp

Turn a Big Lamp on and it turns on Little Lamps which you’ve given away, anywhere in the world.

Use the Good Night Lamp to tell a loved one ‘now’s a good time for a chat’, ‘I’m thinking of you’ or ‘call me when you get home’. You decide. As your family grows or moves away, you can add as many Little Lamps as you want.

Developed between 2005-2019 using technology provided by Eseye, it is in the permanent exhibition of the London Design Museum as an iconic example of the internet of things, right next to the Nest and the Oyster Card. It is also part of the permanent collection in the National Science Museum of Vienna. It was featured in the books Enchanted Objects & Designed Technology for Healthy Aging.

It was recently on display at Bletchley Park, and previously exhibited in the National Science and Media Museum, the Science Gallery and the Stephen Lawrence Gallery.

Early investors were Blaine Cook and Usman Haque. Collaborators included: Graftt , PAN Studio, SuperNova Studios,  Mcqn,  Makersco , John NusseyThingInnovationsThingslearn

Apart from individual electronics components, it was entirely made in the UK.

As of March 2019 it is no longer in production.

Press photos here.