Sunday Scraps #56

A water fountain in Brockwell park. Still condemned.

The architecture of Tony Garnier in LyonPoliceSpeak is a cross border technical language developed for the Channel Tunnel / the impact of the book The Population Bomb by Paul and Anne Ehrlich / the amazing work of drummer Chico Hamilton / the anti-racist design justice index / might need to go up to Liverpool soon for the Lucy Mckenzie show / I’m going to Glasgow soon and two people told me my flat looked like a tenement home there / I think Duval Timothy should get his own BBC Radio 3 show / the problem of connecting versus enacting a connection / the WHO have recognised the impact of Henrietta Lacks at last / an exhibition about the forgotten women of modernism opens at the Whitney and I just want to fly to NYC right away for it / the interesting architectural work of We Made That / the Garden of Cosmic Speculation looks amazing but only open once a year / there’s a beautiful show on of Matt Black’s photos of rural America / the curiously modern look of Alex Colville‘s art / Women’s Guild of Arts .

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