Sunday Scraps #53

Walled garden in Brockley park
Anna Grevenitis and her daughter Lulu
A Mother’s Steely Portraits of Her Daughter’s Life with Down Syndrome

The swimmers of Parson’s Pleasure / it’s surprising how much good journalism about food is happening in London at the same time as supermarkets struggle to stock shelves / the CCA’s fellowship program in Montréal looks nice / on soil / Omni magazine’s view of the 21st century from 1984 / a podcast about food I’ve just discovered / the woman who wrote Nine and a Half Weeks was a bit of an enigma it turns out / the photos Dennis Hopper took were great / the stairs to nowhere in Winchester House / Pablo Bronstein’s Disneyfied hell / an article on cycling when you have your period was useful / the abandoned Casa Sperimentale / the oldest domestic interior in the UK is a cave / next time I go on holiday (ha!), I should go from Broadstairs to Ramsgate / a feminist guide to bibliographies / Owen D. Pomery’s fantastic architectural illustration work / did Adrienne Gorska teach Eileen Gray about architecure? / an awesome looking exhibition about refrigeration / i love wikipedia pages about famous objects, this one is about a bikini / the architecture of Art Troutner in Idaho / the puzzle art of Alma Haser / on the generational amnesia that means we can never address the climate properly / a paper on fear and doomsday pleasures / the official kimono design for England is really about London / a glossary for a better future.

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