Sunday Scraps #49

London Bridge after the game.


The racism of offshore call centres / the hell hole of Tik Tok houses in L.A. / on the problem of carbon rationing / we used to kiss bread before throwing it away when I was a kid / Discard studies which is about trash / how to wild a container / Ita O’Brien’s guidelines on how to film intimacy / a study of gentrification in London since 2010 / a documentary on abattoir workers in France / on the quality of our memory / the surreal architecture of Freddy Mamani / on protecting mundane infrastructure in Japan / a friend recommended I go to Avebury some time / the fantastic story of Lord Kitchener who introduced calypso music to the UKBetsy Ross , an upholsterer, may be responsible for making the first American flag / Andy Billman’s photographs of bricked up windows / the universe being conscious might explain what happens to all my lost socks  / the Green Nobel Prize winners this year / the racism of race records / the 1980s squat parties in Manchester / the historic Ebony magazine test kitchen which is in the food museum in Brooklyn / being an awkward pandemic consumer / the bungalow bliss book from Ireland in the 70s / can’t wait to visit the Cosmic House / someone should write a biog of Laure Pigeon / is biophilic design the new biomimicry? / i’m pleased I don’t really sell anything physical online after Brexit / on loneliness and success / bought a copy of ‘No New Theories‘ which is a limited edition print run for some reason / a friend has a print of Hanusik’s photographs but her writing is pretty powerful too / found out about Diana’s revenge dress 30 decades later / on almanacs / reusing rubble / on the power of cults . What a nice way to end.

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