Sunday Scraps #48

Some of my pottery

(It’s been an incredibly long month as I ran a climate-change themed creative residency. It went really well. I’m proud but shattered.)

A lot about the smell of rain at a scientific level / I’m not really a podcast person but this Grace Dent show about comfort eating is really great / on the obsession with birthrate (but not equal pay) / I should be insulted by these faux flowers but somehow I’m not / I follow enough architects on Twitter but I still missed out on the London Festival of Architecture and its cool sounding walks / one day I will holiday in Benidorm / the homeless people working to deliver your Amazon order / another great book from Dr. Taylor coming soon / the seventeen playgrounds of Van Eyck in Amsterdam / what happens to a ping pong table in a city / how to grow a glacier / another Lee Miller doco is out.

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